Brock Talks Aluminum’s Role in U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance at CIAC

Aluminum Association President & CEO Heidi Brock highlighted an emerging trend in the U.S. economy – the resurgence of American manufacturing – during the Canadian International Aluminium Conference in Montreal on June 4. In a presentation titled “Driving the Modern Manufacturing Renaissance: The U.S. Aluminum Industry Today,” Brock emphasized how the aluminum industry is playing a big role in this development which has seen the longest stretch of U.S. manufacturing job growth in more than 25 years.

President Heidi Brock with the Alcoa/Phinergy electric car during CIAC. Just since last fall, the aluminum industry in the U.S. has announced more than $1 billion in capital investment which will result in more than 1,000 full and part time jobs nationwide. Already, the industry directly employs some 155,000 workers and generates $152 billion in direct and indirect economic output.

As Brock noted in her presentation, pressures from both the public and private sector are driving an overall trend toward vehicle lightweighting and greater fuel efficiency. Increased fuel efficiency standards coupled with corporate sustainability efforts and consumer demand for greener vehicle are all driving demand for strong, lightweight and infinitely recyclable aluminum. 

Brock continued with a snapshot of the U.S. aluminum market today, which has grown 30 percent since 2009 with demand approaching pre-recession levels. Finally, she spoke about how the Aluminum Association is working to support and promote all aspects of the industry’s growth, from game-changing sustainability research to business information and statistics development to advocacy efforts.

You can view the full presentation here

The aluminum industry generates nearly $71 billion a year in direct economic impact.

The U.S. aluminum industry generates nearly $71 billion a year in direct economic impact. When all suppliers and related business functions are taken into account, the industry drives $174 billion in economic impact— almost 1 percent of GDP.


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