Whitby, Ontario, Canada
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ABB is a leading global supplier in the aluminum industry, supplying Electromagnetic Stirring Systems (Al-EMS) and ABB Full Service agreements covering entire facilities.

ABB Electromagnetic Stirrers are offered in both air-cooled and water-cooled units depending on furnace applications. Efficient stirring of the aluminum melt is one of the most decisive factors in speeding up the kinetics of reactions and improving heat and mass transfer, which is essential in terms of increasing productivity with retained quality. With over 150 systems installed worldwide, ABB is the most experienced supplier of Al-EMS. Pay back is often one year or less. With no physical contact with the melt and no moving parts, very low maintenance is required.

The ABB Al-EMS can help increase the lifetime of the furnace lining in many ways. One example is that the burners do not have to be used at such high temperatures when heat exchange between the molten aluminum and the burners are higher. For the same reason, the gas consumption of the burners can be lowered. While the temperature in the molten aluminum is homogenized, there will be no overheating of the surface and for this reason dross formation can be reduced. Since the molten aluminum is constantly stirred, there is no need to stir the melt using rakes or manual labor. Thanks to reduced door opening times, the heat exchange is increased and formation of dross is reduced, which leads to an increase in productivity.