VIDEO: The Aluminum Advantage

Making the Modern World Possible

Aluminum is everywhere—literally. The most abundant, naturally occurring metal in the earth’s crust, aluminum is an essential element of modern life. Virtually every person in the United States, and indeed most of the world, uses aluminum every single day. You're likely never more than six feet away from a piece of aluminum.

The metal is so ubiquitous that many of us don’t even realize how often it touches our lives.   In fact, people use more aluminum today than at any point in the 125-year history of the metal’s commercial production. Aluminum is so critical to modern mobility, increasing sustainability and the national economy that without it, many of the conveniences of today’s world would simply not exist. 

Aluminum keeps the world moving.  Watch how we use it to our advantage here.



Aluminum in automobiles saves 44 million tons of CO2 emissions.

Independent studies have confirmed that aluminum in automobiles has a 20 percent smaller life cycle CO2 footprint than steel. And compared with today’s steel cars, a fleet of aluminum vehicles saves the equivalent of 44 million tons of CO2 emissions. 


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