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Addison, Illinois
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Kristie Antosz
Communications Manager

MAGNECO/METREL is dedicated to the creation of value, for the aluminum industry. Metpump® brand colloidal silica (sol-gel) bonded monolithic refractories exhibit unmatched ceramic properties, are non-wetted by molten aluminum and offer superior alkali resistance.

Canton, Michigan
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Martin Scott

Phone: 734.771.2623 

MSC serves as an extension of the producing mills, cleaning and applying treatments to the sheet surface for enhanced weld-ability and bond-ability for the automotive industry.

Bridgewater, New Jersey
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Phone: 1-800-755-9277

Messer provides industrial gases such as nitrogen, argon, oxygen and carbon dioxide in both delivered bulk liquid and on-site generated forms to the aluminum industry.  Messer also provides leading oxygen-assisted combustion technologies to improve remelt and recycling productivity, energy effici

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Ian Hoyland



MINO is a highly experienced and long-established company specialized in the design and manufacturing of Rolling Mills. Located in Alessandria (north-west Italy), MINO was established in 1840 by Giovanni Battista Mino, a pioneer in mechanics applied to deformation of metals.