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Quaker Chemical

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Trusted around the world as chemists, engineers and technical experts, Quaker has served some of the world’s largest reversing mills, single and multi-stand tandem finishing mills, and combination mill systems.

Quaker is a valuable partner in not only reducing costs but also improving your operations by providing process expertise and customized support services at the local level, for everything from rolling to cleaning to downstream requirements of your customers (lubrication, welding, adhesives, cleaning, painting, etc).

By utilizing a complete package of value–added fluids supported by worldwide research, experience and expertise directly to your processes, you will see cost reduction and a maximum return in productivity – and that means profitability for your business.

From the highly trained team behind our unique management services, to our field staff of aluminum process engineers, there’s always someone from Quaker available to support you when working with our products and improving your aluminum operations.

Drawing on the newest thinking and technology, close alignment with OEMs, and years of hands-on, on-site problem solving, Quaker can provide insight that improves your processes and your bottom line.

Our fully integrated-mill approach, expertise and high-performance fluids deliver what you need for every process in your mill. And because our oils and lubricants are formulated to be compatible with downstream processes, you’ll achieve the most productive, cost-effective transitions possible as your product moves from casting to coil.

With more than 40 years’ of experience, we’ve served some of the world’s largest reversing mills, single and multi-stand tandem finishing mills, and combination mill systems. Our innovators and engineers bring new perspectives to optimize your operations. Through data-driven customization, they can help you meet the exact performance needs of your mill. And when there’s a problem, the entire global team is ready to apply its expertise—from application specialists to experts in the lab.

Key Benefits of Choosing Quaker Solutions for your Aluminum Operations:

  • Application Support – We work with your teams for the best results
  • Improve Surface Quality and End-Quality Products – Reduce process downtime and rework and rejects
  • Reduce Applied and Conversion Costs – See the difference in your bottom line
  • Minimize Environmental Impact – Reduce waste and improve Health and Safety

Innovative Offerings from Quaker:

  • Hot Rolling – Quality lubricants like ALUSHIELD™ and QUAKEROL®
  • Cold Rolling – Unique QUAKEROL® additives 
  • Aluminum & Tinplate D&I Can Making – Lubricants and washer chemicals such as  QUAKLEEN®
  • Corrosion Preventives – Proven solutions such as FERROCOTE® and QUAKER DRYCOTE®
  • Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids – Specialty formulations such as QUINTOLUBRIC®
Sustainable Practices: 

In 2013 Quaker established a global Sustainability program. A dedicated Global Director of Sustainability position was created and filled. Much of the work so far has revolved around establishing the baseline data in the numerous areas of sustainability. Current goals for 2014 include:

  1. Reduction of energy and water used in our manufacturing operations as well as reductions in the waste generated.
  2. A thorough review of the current raw materials used in our products with the end goal to reduce or replace those with either a negative impact on people or the environment.
  3. We have established Green Teams in all Quaker facilities around the world that will establish projects dealing with local activities such as recycling, community involvement.

All of these actions along with others currently being planned will insure Quaker will continue to be a strong, long term supplier to the Aluminum industry. For more information please contact Kyle Campbell - Global Director of Sustainability at 248-593-3361.


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