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Sherwin-Williams is a leader in the art and science of superior-performance architectural coatings that excel in beauty and function and of packaging coatings that offer a long shelf-life and protection of the package and its contents in a 100% recyclable container.

Sherwin William's wide range of coatings for aluminum extrusions are available in a full palette of colors and formulations to meet the most demanding environmental conditions and designs.  Our flagship Fluropon® coatings containing 70% PVDF resins offer premium protection against the elements including harmful UV rays and chemical degradation. Sherwin William's has a network of approved applicators around the country to ensure that your project needs are met quickly. Regardless of what your highest priority is- eco-friendliness, aesthetic, budget or performance- every factor should be considered when it comes to your project.  The scope of your vision should never be compromised.  

The Sherwin-Williams Packaging Coating division offers a broad portfolio of coatings, including valPure® non-BPA coating solutions, for all your packaging needs. These coatings are used extensively by aluminum manufactures for food, beverage and household products. Several examples include drawn-and-ironed (D&I) beverage cans and coil-coated easy-open-ends (EZO), beverage end tabs, draw-redraw cans (DRD) for foods and pet foods, wine closures, and sanitary can ends. All these cans, ends, tabs, and closures come in a variety of colors, of which clear, gold, and white are most common. Coatings for the interior of these package types are compliant with regional regulations for food contact materials, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Health Canada, as well as standards in other parts of the world.

Make Sherwin-Williams your Coil and Packaging Coatings solution provider today.


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