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Cleveland, Ohio
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Superior Flux specializes in the development and sale of flux products for aluminum soldering, brazing and welding.

Since its founding in 1932, Superior Flux has been focused on flux. In the many years we've been formulating flux and solving problems for customers, we've learned a lot about fluxes and the processes in which they are used. We carry what is perhaps the broadest range of fluxes in the world. We make flux for soldering, brazing and welding. Our soldering line includes fluxes that can stand up to the rigors of industrial soldering applications, and fluxes that meet the tight specifications of electronics soldering applications. We are conducting extensive research in exciting new areas of aluminum soldering. Our brazing fluxes include general purpose silver brazing paste, high temperature carbide brazing fluxes, aluminum brazing fluxes and fluxes for other specialty applications.  We also offer a full range of welding fluxes.

Most of all we solve metal joining problems. We field hundreds of calls and inquiries for applications big and small, and from companies and individuals near and far. We work with everyone - engineers on the floor, researchers in the laboratory, technicians and professionals in the field, and artisans in the studio - in short, anyone who is trying to solve a metal joining challenge.

Over the years, Superior Flux has developed a strong reputation for customer service, technical support, quality product, rapid turnaround, and innovative research. Our staff includes experts in the fields of soldering, brazing and welding who will be happy to speak with you. Our laboratory is equipped for flux and metal joining research. Send us your difficult-to-join components, and we'll analyze them in our laboratory. Or our metal joining experts can meet you on your factory floors, working with your engineers to optimize their metal joining processes.


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