Jinlong Marshall Wang | The Aluminum Association

Jinlong Marshall Wang

Senior Sustainability Specialist

Jinlong Marshall Wang is the Senior Environmental/Sustainability Specialist of the Aluminum Association. He also serves as a member of the Sustainable Aluminium Working Group and the Environment & Energy Committee of the International Aluminium Institute. He was a delegate of The Aluminum Association for the Asian Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate between 2008 and 2010.

Before joining The Aluminum Association, Mr. Wang worked at Yale University as a temporary researcher. His research projects were concentrated on aluminum resource issues. He has previously had a 15-year experience of working in China. He was a Project Director at China National Blue Star Corporation where his major responsibility was to contract and conduct energy efficiency improvement projects. Later on he served as a Director of Project Operations at Beijing Int’l Institute of Economic and Social Development where he was in charge of operations of projects sponsored by the World Bank and the Asia Development Bank.

Mr. Wang obtained his Masters Degree in Environmental Management from Yale University in 2007, and his Bachelors Degree in Chemistry from Shandong University in 1989. His expertise and interests include energy and resource economics, energy analysis, energy market strategy, renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy technologies, climate change, environmental finance, industrial environmental management, natural resource conservation, sustainable development, and the social, economic and environmental issues of China and the United States.


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