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The Aluminum Association is the leading voice for the industry in Washington, D.C. From energy to recycling to climate, we’re successfully advancing regulatory and legislative policy in state, federal and international arenas.

The aluminum industry is a vital part of the American manufacturing sector and a leader in the national sustainability movement.  And as the public policy issues facing the industry have become more complex and integrated, it’s important that elected leaders understand the environmental benefits of aluminum and the industry’s contributions to local economies.

Jobs and the Economy

The aluminum industry supports nearly 660,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs and nearly $172 billion in total economic output. Aluminum is one of the few materials that virtually every person in the country uses everyday. 

The aluminum industry’s technological advances increase the business and competitive advantages of U.S. firms. From building materials to consumer packaging, innovative alloys to cutting-edge applications, the aluminum industry provides its customers with the technology needed to compete and win in hundreds of industries.

Top Issues

The Aluminum Association remains continuously engaged with federal lawmakers and regulators to achieve effective legislation and regulations that allow the industry to grow.

The Aluminum Association and industry are committed to helping policymakers better understand the industry’s contributions to energy efficiency, recycling and the overall economy.  The Association works with policymakers on energy and recycling issues, regulatory impact issues and the benefits of aluminum applications.

The industry’s top issues are:

You can learn more by viewing the Aluminum Agenda, the Aluminum Association's policy roadmap for a competitive U.S. aluminum industry. 

Congressional Aluminum Caucus

The United States House of Representatives formed a bipartisan Congressional Aluminum Caucus to elevate awareness of the U.S. aluminum industry and every aspect of the metal's production and use—from mining to manufacture to recycling. Members of the Caucus are educating key audiences on Capitol Hill and inside-the-beltway about critical issues facing the industry today.


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September 17, 2021
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