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The Aluminum Agenda

A significant federal investment to modernize our nation’s infrastructure would create jobs, boost economic growth and save lives. Aluminum will be a critical building material in this new infrastructure. As manufacturers who rely on efficient transportation and a reliable infrastructure, aluminum industry members support increased public and private infrastructure funding that invests in seaports and airports, inland waterways, highways, transit systems, and the information and telecommunications system. Improving the performance of buildings, infrastructure and other public sites – particularly utilizing the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards and “green building” status – supports high-tech manufacturing, increases operational efficiencies, reduces carbon emissions and improves livability.

Policy Objectives:
  • Federal policy to provide the opportunity for individual states to raise truck weight limits in situations where deemed prudent by the states. Additionally, a federally applicable truck weight limit increase should be considered.
  • Increased, long-term federal funding for improvements to the nation’s transportation, water, aviation and other critical infrastructure. Infrastructure policy should recognize the benefits of aluminum as lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant and infinitely recyclable.
  • Regulatory reforms that significantly shorten the permitting and approval process for infrastructure projects.
  • Market, regulatory and institutional reforms and incentives to utilize advanced technology and energy management practices to boost energy efficiency in buildings. We support standards for existing commercial, industrial and residential buildings that encourage new investment in these buildings.


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