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The Aluminum Agenda

The U.S. aluminum industry benefits from robust, fair and rules-based trade of aluminum and aluminum products. We support trade negotiations that reduce tariff and non-tariff barriers to U.S. exports, set enforceable rules, expand bilateral commercial relations and provide for mutually beneficial trading relationships.

In April 2021, the Aluminum Association released a detailed policy framework that highlights key priorities to ensure that U.S. aluminum can compete on a fair and level global playing field.Click here to read the trade policy framework. 

Policy Objectives:

  • A government-to-government negotiated agreement with China that results in measurable and verifiable reductions in Chinese aluminum capacity in upstream and downstream segments of the value chain and eliminates market-distorting governmental support for commercially unviable producers.
  • Appropriate trade remedies that create a level playing field, including trade enforcement cases for product categories with demonstrated unfairly traded imports.
  • Trade agreements, policies and initiatives to open markets and facilitate trade for producers and customers that create demand growth for aluminum products.
  • Elimination of trade barriers for countries that operate fairly under global trade rules as market economies.


September 17, 2021
Department of Commerce Finds Aluminum Foil from Five Countries Is Unfairly Traded