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Celebrating the World’s Best Beverage Container

Canned Beer Festivals Sweep the Nation

A mainstay on supermarket shelves, in vending machines and on kitchen counters everywhere for more than 50 years, the aluminum can is making a comeback of sorts – with craft beer brewers nationwide expressing their love for the humble package. Lightweight, infinitely recyclable and impervious to light and air, brewers love the can because it keeps beer fresher and protects taste.

While hardly any craft brewers used cans just a decade ago, today more than 400 brewers are making nearly 1,500 canned beers across the country, according to www.CraftCans.com.  More than 400 craft brewers are making nearly 1,500 craft canned beers today.

Says craft can pioneers Oskar Blues Brewery, “Cans keep beer fresher, longer by eliminating the damaging effects of light and ingressed oxygen while being infinitely recyclable and portable ... taking them where your next soul saving adventure takes you.” 

And, more and more, this love is making itself felt with canned beer festivals nationwide. This year alone, more than a half-dozen festivals are taking place celebrating canned beer including Burning CAN in Colorado and North Carolina; the Yes We CAN! Beer Festival in Bellingham, WA; the AmeriCAN Canned Beer Festival in Scottsdale, AZ;  and CanFest in Reno, NV.     

Winners at the 2014 AmeriCAN Beer Festival in Scottsdale, AZ.

In addition to better taste, brewers also love cans for their sustainable attributes. Noted Crina Hoyer, Executive Director of RESources for Sustainable Communities and sponsor of the Yes We CAN! festival, “They’re lighter to ship, so they can travel further and the cans themselves are 100% recyclable. So, it’s a sustainable packaging choice.”

Check out the video below for more on why aluminum is the best choice for your next six-pack. And click here to learn more about the many virtues of the amazing aluminum can.




Aluminum cans contain 3X the recycled content of glass or plastic.

Aluminum cans contain on average 73 percent recycled content -- more than 3X the amount in a glass or plastic bottle. Cans are also recycled at far higher rates than competing beverage container types.


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