HARBOR’s 11th Aluminum Outlook Summit | The Aluminum Association

HARBOR’s 11th Aluminum Outlook Summit

June 5, 2018 to June 7, 2018

Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel - Chicago, IL

HARBOR’s 11th Aluminum Outlook Summit is the world's largest and most strategic aluminum gathering. Over 500 participants, representing more than 260 companies, meet to network, get industry knowledge and the latest aluminum market intelligence and outlook. Experience 2 days of: networking with new metal suppliers, clients, brokers & industry players from all over the world; understanding emerging aluminum industry and pricing trends, new players & trade flow changes; insight on the outlook for LME prices, regional scrap and secondary prices, and product premiums for ingot, billet, slab, wire rod, purity & PFA; latest field intelligence and forecasts on the aluminum can sheet, auto sheet, extrusions, foil and aerospace plate markets; an Executive Training Program on the aluminum industry (Level 1 & Level 2); Special Session on HARBOR’s Reports; and HARBOR's 5th Rich Markiewicz Golf Classic.