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Aluminum Association Disappointed with No 232 Tariff Resolution in USMCA

October 1, 2018

Agreement a Missed Opportunity to Exempt Canada and Mexico from Aluminum Tariffs

ARLINGTON, VA – Aluminum Association president and CEO Heidi Brock issued the following statement:

“The Aluminum Association is disappointed that the Section 232 aluminum tariffs were not addressed as a part of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Now is the time for the United States to work with Canada and Mexico to provide a full exemption – without quotas – for aluminum imports from those countries. This should occur as soon as possible, and certainly before the final agreement is signed.

The U.S. aluminum industry comprises some of the most competitive and innovative companies in the world, and integrated North American supply chains are one reason that we have been able to meet growing demand year over year. However, as the industry is in a deficit market, creating barriers within the integrated North American supply chain will threaten continued U.S. growth and investment.

The current Section 232 tariffs are hurting U.S. aluminum companies – making them less competitive on the world stage. Fully 97 percent of domestic aluminum industry jobs are in mid-and-downstream production and processing. By artificially raising input prices and constraining metal supply, tariffs and quotas risk harming demand, growth and investment in the United States. We will continue to review the specifics of the agreement and work towards tariff- and quota-free trade of aluminum with our North American trading partners.”


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