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Aluminum Association Releases 2017 Edition of Aluminum Standards & Data

July 18, 2017

Preeminent Reference for Aluminum Mill Product Standards Available at

ARLINGTON, VA – The Aluminum Association has published the latest version of its longest running publication, Aluminum Standards and Data 2017: U.S. Customary Edition. The book, which was last updated in 2013, is a guide for those that use and produce aluminum including comprehensive information on all commonly available alloys and mill products -- an essential reference for anyone who works with aluminum.

This latest edition contains information on all commonly produced and used alloys and is regularly updated by the association’s Technical Committee on Product Standards (TCPS) to reflect changes in the industry. The TCPS group is comprised of technical standards experts from aluminum producing member companies. The new edition also reflects the changes to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards maintained by the association.

Aluminum Standards and Data 2017: U.S. Customary Edition contains information on mechanical properties, tolerances, terminology, limits, comparative characteristics, density and toughness of the most common aluminum alloys and product forms. Having the latest information on commonly used aluminum mill products requirements provides a standard platform for discussions with customers and producers to help select the best solution to meet engineering design requirements.

Key updates to the 2017 edition include:

  • Updated illustrations that are clearer, more precise and easier to understand
  • Clarified usage of non-bilateral tolerances to ensure industry wide acceptance
  • Additions to the color code list for easy identification of aluminum mill products
  • Latest popular new alloys
  • New and modified definitions
  • Latest ANSI H35.1, H35.2 and H35.4 updates

A metric version of Aluminum Standards and Data 2017 will be available later this year.  The U.S. version can be purchased as a download or a hard copy from the association’s bookstore at The purchase price is $250 for non-members of the association and $125 for members.

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The Aluminum Association represents aluminum production and jobs in the United States, ranging from primary production to value added products to recycling, as well as suppliers to the industry. The association is the industry’s leading voice, providing global standards, business intelligence, sustainability research and industry expertise to member companies, policymakers and the general public. The aluminum industry helps manufacturers produce sustainable and innovative products, including more fuel efficient vehicles, recyclable packaging, greener buildings and modern electronics.  In the U.S., the aluminum industry creates $186 billion in economic activity. For more information visit, on Twitter @AluminumNews or at 


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