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Aluminum Association Strongly Supports United States – European Union Efforts to Address Aluminum Overcapacity

May 17, 2021

Tom Dobbins, president & CEO of the Aluminum Association, released the following statement in response to the joint commitment by the U.S. and EU to address overcapacity in the global aluminum market:
“This is an extremely important step toward a better trading relationship with a vital ally while addressing systemic aluminum overcapacity. We appreciate the work by Commerce Secretary Raimondo and Ambassador Tai to prioritize this issue. Massive state subsidies for aluminum production – especially in China – have distorted markets and made it difficult for many aluminum producers to compete on a level playing field for too long. It is time for nations committed to a market and rules-based global trading system to come together to combat this shared challenge. Any final agreement with Europe should emphasize strong trade enforcement based a common set of rules. We look forward to supporting this process and are hopeful that the ultimate outcome will both address global aluminum overcapacity and help normalize the U.S.-EU trading relationship.”
The Aluminum Association has long advocated for a strong, multilateral effort to address global aluminum excess capacity driven by overproduction in China. As reflected in a recent report by the  Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), three years of Section 232 tariffs have done little to change Chinese industrial practices. The Aluminum Association will work with its global partners to keep these critical issues front and center in advance of the G7 summit this June.


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