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Aluminum Association Welcomes Two New Member Companies

October 16, 2018
ARLINGTON, VA – The Aluminum Association last week welcomed two new member companies at its annual meeting, the United States of Aluminum. AMG Aluminum joined as a producer member – a firm that makes or fabricates aluminum – and New Day Aluminum joined as an associate member – a firm that supplies the aluminum industry with goods and services.
“We are pleased AMG Aluminum and New Day Aluminum have joined as the newest members of the Aluminum Association,” said Michelle O’Neill, Senior Vice President, Global Government Affairs & Sustainability at Alcoa and Chair of the Aluminum Association. “It is important to add new voices to the membership at this dynamic time for our industry. We look forward to working with both AMG and New Day as we continue to work on behalf of the full value chain.”
New members include:
  • AMG Aluminum: Headquartered in Wayne, PA, AMG Aluminum produces a comprehensive range of products including grain refiners, hardeners, tablets/compacts, specialty alloys, and rod feeder systems.  Many of the products are destined for the energy, aerospace, infrastructure, and specialty metals and chemicals end markets.  AMG Aluminum operates manufacturing plants in the U.S., Brazil, United Kingdom and China.  The company’s U.S.-based plants are located in Wenatchee, WA, and Henderson, KY.  
  • New Day Aluminum: New Day Aluminum is the ultimate parent company of Noranda Alumina, based in Gramercy, LA, and Noranda Bauxite, based in St. Ann, Jamaica. Noranda Alumina, the largest alumina refinery in the U.S., produces smelter grade alumina for the production of aluminum as well as chemical grade alumina used in a wide array of industrial applications.  Noranda Bauxite owns and operates bauxite mining, railing, processing and shipping facilities on the northern coast of Jamaica.
The new members join during a time of record demand for aluminum. However, persistent illegally subsidized Chinese overcapacity is distorting the market and hurting the entire domestic aluminum value chain.
The Aluminum Association is committed to combatting illegal and unfair trade practices to ensure the continued health and growth of the U.S. industry. As membership continues to grow, the association will continue to advocate for rules-based trading practices.
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The Aluminum Association represents aluminum production and jobs in the United States, ranging from primary production to value added products to recycling, as well as suppliers to the industry. The Association is the industry’s leading voice, providing global standards, business intelligence, sustainability research and industry expertise to member companies, policymakers and the general public. The aluminum industry helps manufacturers produce sustainable and innovative products, including more fuel-efficient vehicles, recyclable packaging, greener buildings and modern electronics.  In the U.S., the aluminum industry supports $174 billion in economic activity and nearly 700,000 jobs. For more information visit, on Twitter @AluminumNews or at


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