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Statement on President Obama's Climate Change Plan

June 26, 2013

From Heidi Biggs Brock, President of the Aluminum Association

"The aluminum industry is aggressively working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The industry has proactively taken steps in recent years to reduce its own carbon footprint by cutting North American perfluorocarbon (PFC) emissions by 85% since 1991. The unique characteristics of aluminum make it the material of choice for many applications developed specifically to improve energy efficiency, from cool metal roofs to light weight automotive parts that reduce the consumption of fuels.

Energy is a vital input in the production process for aluminum, and the Aluminum Association supports policies that maintain the predictable supply of affordable electricity. We will work to develop an achievable policy framework to protect the environment while maintaining affordable power rates for businesses and consumers. It is imperative that we strike a reasonable balance between reducing our greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining our national economic competitiveness.

It is also important that recycling be a part of this discussion. Recycling aluminum avoids 95% of the emissions that would result from the production of first use metal. Because aluminum is infinitely recyclable, metal created the first time effectively stores energy. The practice of recycling aluminum, and resultant energy savings, warrant consideration in the development of future energy policy. We look forward to working with the Administration on these issues in the coming weeks and months."


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