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CRU’s 24th World Aluminium Conference

April 23, 2018 to April 25, 2018

Jumeirah Carlton Tower, London, UK

CRU's 24th World Aluminium Conference will take place 23-25 April in London, UK.   The event has been running for 24 years and is regularly attended by leading producers, miners, rollers, extruders, traders, end users and the financial sector. 

It provides concise insight on supply, demand, price, premiums, sustainability and costs for the benefit of a highly-influential audience from the global aluminium industry. In short, it is the final word on market outlook.

The conference will address the most important themes through the supply chain, delivering this information through workshops, briefings, presentations and panel discussions:

  • Primary aluminium - looming shortages, or long-term surplus?
  • Chinese supply reform: myth or reality? And the drive for environmental control.
  • Effects of potential duties on US aluminum imports of primary and semis
  • Technological developments in the US rolling sector – what does it mean for rollers in other regions?
  • Chinese strategy: to buy or build outside China?
  • European aluminium industry - the phoenix from the ashes?
  • Shifting paradigms for carbon products
  • The green energy revolution – creating permanent divergence across commodity markets?
  • Product implications of EV development in the mid- to long-term
  • Radical innovation in process and production technology in raw materials, primary production and downstream
  • Last but not least…the outlook for prices, premiums, costs and profitability, from CRU and a panel of leading industry commentators

Plus, as a member of The Aluminium Association, you qualify for a 10% discount off the standard delegate rate! Please contact Francesca Licari to receive the discount code