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Standards Action Report


August 2019


The Aluminum Association completed registration of one new international wrought alloy designation 5081.  In addition, the association registered two (2) new AM and Powder Alloys designations 8A55.60L AM and 8A55.0 Powder.


Note:  The chemical composition limits of the registered alloys since the last edition of the Teal Sheets are listed in the addenda of this publication.  In addition, the registered aluminum alloy designations and chemical composition limits for Powders used for Powder Metallurgy (PM) and for Additive Manufacturing (AM) Feedstock and Products are available at



Following is a list of new projects initiated since the last report, currently under review by The Aluminum Association’s Technical Committee on Product Standards.  All parties that could be affected are welcome to comment on individual proposals:

Alloy and Temper Registrations and Revisions

Under Review by Technical Committee on Product Standards

Project No. Subject
PN19-58 Request for Registration of a new 6XXX Extrusion Alloy “6029”
PN19-60 Request for Registration of a three (3) new Powder Alloys “8ACE.50L”, “8BCE.50L” and “8CCE.50L”


International Registrations

Under Review by Signatories to the Declaration of Accord-Hardener

Project No. Subject
PN19-59 Request for Registration of a new Hardener Alloy “H2105”


ANSI and ASD Related Projects

Project No. Subject
PS19-111 Resolution of 2017 ANSI H35 Committee Comment -Flatness Cut from Coil



PS19-112 Revision of Standards for Sand and Permanent Mold Casting



Subcommittee on Alloy and Temper Registrations October 23, 2019
Technical Committee on Product Standards October 24, 2019


The majority of the Association’s standards activities are carried out by the Technical Committee on Product Standards (TCPS) in accordance with The Aluminum Association procedures governing these activities.  Product Divisions may also form technical committees to work on specific standards that affect their products.  For example, the Electrical Division has a Task Group of AA Representatives on National Electrical Code Panels.

To request a copy of a project or to discuss placing a representative on TCPS, contact  John Weritz at


Builders have safely used aluminum wiring for more than 40 years.

The National Electrical Code has permitted the use of aluminum wire since 1901, a mere four years after the first recognized national electrical code was published in 1897. AA-8000 aluminum conductors have more than 40 years of reliable field installations.


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