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New Design Manual | Aluminum Wins Big

The Association releases all-new Aluminum Design Manual. Aluminum wins big at the NAIAS.

The All-New Aluminum Design Manual

Are you an engineer, architect or other professional in the building and construction industry who works with aluminum? If so, you can’t be without the 2015 Aluminum Design Manual -- an indispensable guide for anyone designing load-bearing structures using aluminum.

The Modern Skyscraper

The modern skyscraper would not be possible without the use of aluminum. With aluminum’s durability, high strength-to-weight ratio, design flexibility and contributions to energy savings, it is the material of choice for architects and designers. In fact, there are many things in buildings that are made from aluminum including door frames, window frames, siding, roofs, curtain walls and entire facades. Using aluminum in buildings can even help the structure qualify for green building status under LEED.

Thank You, Steve Jobs

Apple's Steve Jobs was a visionary innovator whose designs and products inspired millions. His use of aluminum in a number of his company's key products caused a ripple effect across the electronics industry.