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Updated Edition of Aluminum and its Alloys Released

Need to learn about aluminum and how it’s alloyed? Teaching a class on the basics of aluminum? Then you need the updated Aluminum and its Alloys – an essential introductory guide on aluminum alloys and how they’re used.  

The latest edition describes the various alloy additives, the designation systems for wrought and cast alloys – and explains what wrought and cast alloys are – as well as the basics on tempers, stress relief and manufacturability.

The 2015 version of Aluminum and its Alloys includes:

  • A new section focusing more attention on the many advantages of using aluminum alloys, including their low density, & recyclability, 
  • A new section illustrating the great variety of methods by which aluminum alloys may be fabricated, i.e., extrusion, forging, rolling, casting, etc., 
  • Updated tables of properties to include newer alloys & tempers, and added a new table on corrosion resistance, and 
  • Added figures illustrating important newer applications of aluminum alloys

If you want to understand more about aluminum alloys or teach classes about aluminum, you need Aluminum and its Alloys.  Aluminum Association members, please click here for special member pricing in the member bookstore; Non-members can purchase the publication here



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