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Would You Drink Wine from an Aluminum Can?

Association President Heidi Brock Weighs in on Fox News

Aluminum Association President & CEO Heidi Brock was recently on FoxNews.com Live to talk about a new trend of packaging wine in aluminum. Heidi was joined by Dave Bon, President of FLASQ Wines, one of the first U.S. vineyards to discover the benefits of aluminum bottles. Bon sites better flavor protection and portability as two key reasons why using aluminum makes sense. 

Aluminum packaging protects beverages from light and air far more effectively than competing materials. This extends the shelf-life of the package considerably. Even better, aluminum can be recycled over and over again in a true closed loop. Aluminum cans and bottles are not breakable and can go where glass bottles cannot -- sporting events, parks, beaches and golf courses.

Just as craft brewers have recently seen the benefits of canning beer in aluminum, increasingly, vineyards are doing the same. By the end of the interview, Heidi and Dave even had Fox host Lauren Simonetti convinced -- wine in aluminum just might be the wave of the future!

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