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“We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.” - Thomas Jefferson

The aluminum industry is a vital part of the American manufacturing sector and a leader in the national sustainability movement.  And as the public policy issues facing the industry have become more complex and integrated, it’s important that elected leaders understand the economic and environmental benefits of the aluminum industry.

The Aluminum Association political action committee – Aluminum PAC – was created to support federal officeholders whose interests align with the aluminum industry.  The PAC is a key tool in the Association’s advocacy toolbox to increase the industry’s profile, build credibility and develop long-term relationships with lawmakers.

If you are a member of the Aluminum Association, you can either



 You can contact Joe Quinn for additional information, or see the Frequently Asked Questions below. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a PAC so important?  
Members of Congress are spending more and more time at political fundraising events.  That is where donors have the ability to interact with Senators and Representatives in a social setting, and seeing them there enhances the ability to meet with them and their staff to advance the Association's point of view.  

What is the goal of the Aluminum PAC? 
The Aluminum PAC is organization created for raising and spending money to support federal officeholders whose interests align with the aluminum industry.  This PAC is key tool, but not the only tool, in the Association’s advocacy toolbox to increase the industry’s profile, build credibility and develop long term relationships with lawmakers. A PAC will help create an audience of federal policymakers for listening and understanding our industry’s issues.

What candidates are supported by our PAC? 
The Aluminum PAC is nonpartisan and supports both Democrats and Republicans. Your contributions dollars help support candidates who are sensitive to the issues that impact our industry. The Aluminum PAC Board determines eligibility for PAC contributions to Members of Congress based on: Congressional Aluminum Caucus membership; key committee assignments; support for industry-related issues; constituent representation; and location of aluminum facilities. 

Why should I join? Can’t the Association promote the interests of the industry without me? 
Our industry is in a period of rapid change. Your participation helps to get candidates elected that best support our industry goals and business strategy. Combining our work at the federal, state and local levels with PAC contributions provides the best positioning for our industry. Competing materials – steel, plastic, cement, etc. – each have industry PACs raising anywhere from $45,000 to $245,000 per election cycle.  If the aluminum industry does not advocate on its own behalf, we place ourselves at a competitive disadvantage with industries that are doing so.  

Why shouldn’t I just support individual candidates and bypass the PAC? 
With individual contributions, candidates may not know why you supported them. When the Aluminum PAC makes a contribution, it sends a strong, collective message that contributors share the interests of our industry. There is strength in numbers. 

How are the PAC’s contributions used by candidates? Why do they need our support? 
The cost of running for public office has become increasingly expensive. PAC funds go toward many aspects of successful campaigning, including developing printed materials, purchasing advertising time and providing salaries for campaign staff. 

Who is eligible to join a PAC? Who will be solicited? 
In accordance with federal law, employees eligible to join the PAC are defined as the member company’s executive and administrative personnel (and their immediate families) who are paid by salary, rather than an hourly basis. These individuals also have policymaking, managerial, professional or supervisory responsibilities. Member companies may only approve solicitations by one trade association per calendar year.  

How do I join? 
Before soliciting funds for the Aluminum PAC, the Association is required to secure ‘prior approval’ from member companies allowing the Association to solicit individual employees.  Member companies may only approve solicitations by one trade association per calendar year.  Please check with the necessary staff within your organization – including legal counsel – to ensure your company has not already granted prior approval to another association political action committee.  Once approved, simply fill-out the prior approval letter online here or downloading it here and send it to Joe Quinn, Vice President of Pubic Affairs.

How can I support the Aluminum PAC? 
After signing and submitting a ‘prior approval’ letter, you can contribute as much as $5,000 from you personal account to the Aluminum PAC.  The PAC cannot receive donations from companies, and contributions to the PAC are not tax-deductible.  

Please mail your personal check to The Aluminum PAC, c/o Joe Quinn, 1400 Crystal Drive, Suite 430, Arlington, VA 22202.  

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