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Lightweight, infinitely recyclable, rustproof and extremely durable aluminum is recognized as one of the most sustainable construction materials in use today.


An estimated 60+ percent of the aluminum used in buildings built today comes from recycled material. 


The Building & Construction market for aluminum grew by 16 percent from 2010-2020.


The Empire State Building, constructed in 1930-1932, was the first building to make major use of aluminum.

Innovation in Action

With aluminum’s durability, high strength-to-weight ratio, design flexibility and contributions to energy savings, it is the material of choice for architects and designers. Aluminum is playing  a key role in sustainable construction as companies look to environmentally friendly options. 

With its lightweight strength and unmatched corrosion-resistance and durability, aluminum is widely used to build renewable energy platforms like solar panels and wind turbines. 

Aluminum in Green Construction

Aluminum is considered a vital component of sustainable—or green—buildings for several reasons:

  • Contains high recycled content given its infinitely recyclable;
  • Provides optimized energy efficiency performance in all seasons and weather conditions;
  • Enables renewable energy devices—such as solar panels and wind turbines—to be integrated into building envelopes to play dual functions and achieve net zero energy goals;
  • Offers endless design options for architects to design the beautiful, efficient and sustainable buildings; and more.

The Aluminum Association produces a number of resources to support building with aluminum, including Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and green building guides.


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