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Aluminum Cans Leading the Way to Limit Carbon Impact

A third-party analysis of more than a dozen life cycle assessment studies found that aluminum beverage cans produce fewer carbon emissions than glass bottles and a similar level of carbon emissions as plastic (PET) containers. Aluminum also offers a host of other environmental benefits from superior recyclability to greater circular performance.

Aluminum Industry in Action

Aluminum Week: National Consumers League Educates Can-sumers on Recycling

The National Consumers League, which has partnered with the Aluminum Association and other groups supporting recycling refund programs, penned an op-ed in the Illinois-based Daily Herald noting how a recently introduced bill can help drive more recycling and less litter in the state. The Aluminum Association is a strong supporter of Illinois Sen. Laura Murphy’s State Senate bill SB 85 that would introduce a well-designed recycling refund bill in the state to drive increased recycling. Learn more at

90 Years as the Voice of U.S. Aluminum

For 90 years, the Aluminum Association has been proud to be the industry's voice — telling the story of the aluminum industry in the United States and to the world.

U.S. Aluminum Drives Modern Manufacturing

Over the past decade, the aluminum industry has invested more than $9 billion in U.S. manufacturing to support growing demand for the metal. 

Aluminum Carbon Footprint Cut in Half Over 30 Years

A third-party, critical-reviewed life cycle assessment (LCA) report found that the carbon footprint of aluminum production and recycling in North America was cut in half since 1991.

Latest News & Information

U.S. Aluminum Industry Meets Growing Demand While Decreasing Impact

The U.S. Aluminum Industry Sector Snapshot report shows positive environmental impact trendlines for the U.S. aluminum industry on virtually every measure since the 1990s. Notably, aluminum producers have accomplished this during a period when demand for the metal has grown by more than 25 percent domestically.

Summit in Mexico City Also Emphasizes Tariff-Free Trade, Strengthened Trade Enforcement

Henry Gordinier of Tri-Arrows Aluminum Elected New Chair; Hazelett Corporation’s David Hazelett Wins Boultinghouse Award; United Aluminum’s John Lapides Wins Chairman’s Award

The Alliance for Mission-Based Recyclers, The Association of Plastic Recyclers, C3 Solutions, and National Taxpayers Union are Newest Groups to Endorse Recycling Refund Principles

Industry Statistics

Vital business intelligence on the industry for the industry

The Aluminum Association’s more than two-dozen different statistical reports cover every segment of the aluminum market, from orders to shipments to capacity. Our decades of experience and relationships allows us to survey aluminum companies directly to access near real-time information on shipments, mill orders and other market trends. And now these reports are available as interactive, presentation-ready charts and graphs you can manipulate directly through the system. This is data and information you can’t find anywhere else in a newly accessible and convenient format.

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