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Bloom Engineering

Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania
Bloom Engineering is committed to solving our customers’ problems.  With state-of-the-art technology, and expert sales, service, and manufacturing teams, we provide custom-engineered solutions to aluminum companies worldwide.   Founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1934, we support projects globally from our engineering and manufacturing headquarters in Pittsburgh, and through our subsidiaries located in Germany, India, and China. Our ultra-low NOX1150 Lumiflame® regenerative burners are used widely for melting aluminum scrap, as they facilitate maximum melt rates while simultaneously minimizing fuel usage and emissions.  
In addition to regenerative burners, Bloom Engineering specializes in custom-engineered combustion systems, controls, and refractory products, with a focus on high temperature, high efficiency, low NOX and multi-fuel applications.  Our team members have direct experience working with secondary aluminum production and are experts in the processes that our products are used in.  This in-depth knowledge allows Bloom Engineering to succeed in its mission to enable our customers’ long-term success, by providing custom solutions and services that achieve optimal productivity, efficiency, and environmental performance.