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Aluminum Soldering Handbook

The Aluminum Soldering Handbook attempts to cover the issues involved in doing soldering of aluminum. The book looked at the variety of aluminum alloys and their corresponding solderability. It looked at issues of how to clean aluminum, how to make various solder joints, processes used for soldering, corrosion issues, and soldering joint evaluation methods. The older version of the book concentrated on the use of mostly high temperature "hard" solders for making aluminum connections. 
The new version of the book looks closer to aluminum cleaning, aluminum soldering methods, and aluminum to other metal soldering considerations. The book also concentrates on a much wider variation of soft soldering solder alloys that can be used for doing aluminum soldering. The book reviews new methods that have been developed using a wider variety of fluoride containing organic fluxes, aluminum flux-cored wire solder, direct aluminum solderpaste, and aluminum tinning chemistries. Finally, the new book discusses how these new methods can be used to address some of the most difficult aluminum soldering needs.



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