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Association Talks Big Win for Aluminum Foil Workers

CEO Heidi Brock with CNN’s Richard Quest

In August 2017, the Commerce Department released its preliminary finding that imports of certain aluminum foil from China benefit from unfair government subsidies. This means that U.S. Customs and Border Protection will begin collecting countervailing duties of imported aluminum foil from China ranging from 17 to 81 percent. 

The decision was in response to a petition filed by the Aluminum Association's Trade Enforcement Working Group -- the first such action in the association's near 85-year history. The Commerce Department investigation is examining some 26 separate government subsidy programs benefiting the Chinese industry and creating an unlevel playing field for foil producers in the United States.

Media outlets ranging from Bloomberg to Reuters to The Washington Post all covered the results of the Commerce Department’s preliminary decision and the Aluminum Association’s President & CEO joined CNN International’s Richard Quest on Quest Means Business to discuss the outcome.

You can watch the full interview here:


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