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Almex USA

Buena Park , California

Almex USA is the leading supplier of commercial and aerospace alloy Aluminum Casthouse Processes with “Furnace to Finish™” solutions. We serve our customers through our innovative line of products which includes: World Record-breaking billet and slab casting systems, DC casting machines, Melting and Homogenization Furnaces, Degassing and Purification systems, automated CASTRIGHT III process control software, and testing + inspecting instruments.

At Almex, customer satisfaction comes first. We are fully dedicated to bringing wholesome casthouse solutions in wallet-friendly ways to each of our customers, and we do so without compromise to safety, quality, or performance. Generally, when you purchase capital equipment, you expect to receive a standard workmanship warranty. With Almex equipment, however, you receive much more than that. We provide a unique performance guarantee that is tied to metallurgical standards and the satisfaction of, not only you, but your customers, too — that’s our guarantee and commitment.

We strive to be the most innovative player in the aerospace aluminum industry. We hold a commitment to attempt the unthinkable, and achieve the impossible for our customers – because no challenge is too big. In doing so, we are able to provide our customers with first-class, fully tailored aluminum alloy technology and equipment: while also contributing to the advancement of our dynamic industry.

Almex is also engaged in equipment and process research involving new capabilities and green technology for efficient recycling of aluminum alloys and has been a supplier to the worldwide aluminum industry since 1995. Almex has the distinction of having supplied equipment and process recipes to make the largest slab and billet in the world, earning itself the “Excellence in Exports” Award from the United States Department of Commerce.


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