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EBNER Furnaces

Wadsworth, Ohio

EBNER Furnaces is a global market leader thermal processing facilities for the metals industry. We specialize in research, development, fabrication, installation and commissioning of heat treatment facilities for the aluminum industry. EBNER’s pioneering concepts in thermal processing technology create new perspectives in offering complete, environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions. In addition to annealing, homogenizing and heat treating furnaces, the product line of the EBNER Group also include melting and holding furnaces, casting equipment for rolling slabs, extrusion and forging billets, cathode sealing equipment, ultrasonic testing and other specialized turnkey solutions.  


January 14, 2021
Tom Dobbins, president & CEO of the Aluminum Association, released the following statement on
January 7, 2021
Tom Dobbins, president & CEO of the Aluminum Association released the following statement fol