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Gamma-Tech, LLC

Dayton , Kentucky

Gamma-Tech LLC has been providing new technology to the recycling industry that reports the composite elemental analysis of a mixture of non-homogeneous recycled metals on a real-time basis to near spectrographic accuracy. This allows recyclers to monitor and control the chemistry of the products they are processing and ultimately to report this analysis of the recycled metals to their consumers. Their focus has been on ferrous metals. They recently installed their first analyzer for recycled aluminum.

Gamma-Tech is a Value Added Reseller for Thermo Fisher Scientific. Thermo is the manufacturer of the Cross Belt Analyzer (CBA) and is located in Adelaide, Australia, with a North American presence in San Diego, California. Gamma-Tech customizes and calibrates the CBA for the metals industry and has an exclusive, world-wide distribution arrangement to market the equipment in the scrap recycling, metals, and steel industries. With this patented process, Gamma-Tech provides a range of services to it's customers:

  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Qualification and Testing
  • In-Field Upgrades
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Replenishment of the Radioactive Sources
  • Application Expertise and Consulting

Gamma-Tech offers a range of financing options including outright purchase, leasing and rental arrangements.

Who Are We?

Gamma-Tech has in-house staff, contractors, and partners to fulfill the many diverse needs of this specialized business. It's personnel resources include individuals with backgrounds in physics, electronics, metallurgy, information technology, finance, and business administration. Additionally, Gamma-Tech's field service technicians have many years experience using Thermo's technology around the world. Gamma-Tech also offers marketing consulting and assistance through it's subsidiary company, Arete Metallurgical Marketing Solutions.

Gamma-Tech retains on on-going relationship with Missouri University of Science and Technology located in Rolla, Missouri, the premier college of Metallurgical Engineering in North America.

These talents and experiences, coupled with many decades of experience in the scrap, metals, and steel industries, create an incomparable team dedicated to serving its customers.


Founded in 2002, Gamma-Tech is headquartered in Dayton, Kentucky, directly across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio.    Gamma-Tech is a privately held, Limited Liablilty Company.    It's founder and president is Daniel A. Pflaum, a metallurgist by trade, with over 35 years experience in the scrap recycling, metals and steel industries.

The Cross Belt Metal Analyzer has been used in the coal, cement, iron ore and phosphate industries since 1984, and there are hundreds of units installed world-wide. This technology has been applied to the metals industry, with the first units installed in 2002, and is currently in use for ferrous and aluminum analyses .