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Vesuvius USA

Champaign , Illinois

Vesuvius is a world leader in the design, engineering, manufacture and delivery of refractory products, systems and services for high-technology industrial applications, including a comprehensive range of dense aluminum resistant and general use refractory monolithics and brick for aluminum casthouse melting and holding furnaces.

Vesuvius has developed materials specifically for the containment of aluminium and its alloys, exhibiting superior non-wetting characteristics that minimize penetration and the potential for corundum formation and growth marketed under the Alugard® brand.  Other specialized brands address provide specific benefits such as fast firing capability, resistance to alkali reaction and resistance to mechanical abuse, all designed for furnace lining longevity in the casthouse.

Under the Vesuvius and Foseco brands a large range of solutions is delivered that help customers improve the productivity of their operations. These solutions also improve the quality of customers’ products and reduce the environmental footprint of their processes.

Vesuvius’ products are used in molten metal handling and at extreme temperatures. Our first commitment to our customers is the reliability of our solutions that help to protect their employees’ safety through the prevention of failures that could have catastrophic consequences for employees or equipment.

Thermal optimisation is a key factor in the processes for which we supply solutions. Vesuvius contributes to the reduction of its customers’ energy usage and subsequent CO2 emission reduction through insulating materials, laminar flow management, extended sequences and reduced downtime.

Total cost and quality improvements are the main drivers for the solutions we offer. Through its undisputed worldwide experience, Vesuvius has developed over the years a high level of expertise in its customers' processes which also enables the anticipation of its customers’ needs in terms of process effic