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Choose Aluminum Video Series

This 5-part series highlights aluminum's sustainability and why more and more companies are choosing aluminum.

Choose Aluminum

Lightweight, strong and infinitely recyclable, aluminum is a large part of the solution to a more energy efficient future. Aluminum Association research has demonstrated positive environmental impact trendlines for the U.S. aluminum industry on virtually every measure over the past 25 years. That’s why whether it’s for vehicle design, green building design, or the perfect beverage container, more and more companies are choosing aluminum as the business-smart and environmentally friendly material of choice.

Choose Aluminum for Modern Mobility

Aluminum builds a better vehicle. Pound for pound, aluminum is stronger and safer than competing materials like steel. Reducing vehicle weight with aluminum not only increases fuel economy while minimizing total carbon emissions, but also creates a better-performing vehicle.

Choose Aluminum For Sustainable Buildings

Aluminum is recognized as one of the most energy efficient, durable and sustainable construction materials. Using aluminum helps building projects qualify for green building status under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. 

Choose Aluminum For The Can Advantage

Infinitely recyclable, the aluminum can is the most sustainable beverage package. Aluminum cans beat the competition on virtually every measure – from their recycling rates to their lightweight strength to their high value as a recyclable material. 

Choose Aluminum For Infinite Recycling

Aluminum scrap is not only infinitely recyclable, but the material’s sustainability also helps create competitive business advantages. Increasing aluminum recycling creates jobs and furthers American sustainability and climate goals.

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