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Argus Global Coke & Carbon Conference


Hilton Washington DC National Mall the Wharf | Washington DC, US

The Argus Global Coke and Carbon Conference, is the leading industry gathering for all involved in fuel-grade and anode-grade coke, bringing together 200+ international refiners, calciners, traders and key end-user industries for three days of premier networking and knowledge sharing, timed to align with industry contracting season.

The 16th annual conference has been tailored to your needs with new sessions on the agenda including: 

  • Back to basics: Petroleum coke and carbon markets workshop 
  • Increasing global demand, raw material pressures and a new market of opportunity: The global battery materials industry explained
  • The special ingredient for aluminium and steel production: Why is coal tar pitch so invaluable?
  • Carbon capture, storage, and utilization: How are leading heavy industry players reducing their carbon footprints?

Visit the website to find out more. 

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