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Member Benefits

When you join the Aluminum Association, you get a myriad of benefits. Whether a producer or associate member, you get access to first-look research, reports, and data. The opportunity is yours to network with industry leaders, learn best practices from peers and advance both your career and the industry.

We advocate for regulatory and legal form that supports a strong and vibrant aluminum industry. We fight unnecessary regulation. We help you cut through the red tape that makes it harder for small businesses to compete.

With our exclusive first-look research and reports by industry experts, manufacturers can plan their operations, support their workers and strengthen their bottom line

Direct access to the Association’s leadership - experts in public policy, global standards and industry statistics

Strengthen business connections, advance your career and get fresh ideas from peers in the industry. 

Shape the industry and give back by participating in industry and market specific committees

Membership Types

The Aluminum Association represents U.S. and foreign-based companies and their suppliers throughout the value chain, from primary production to value added products to recycling.

There are two membership categories: Producer and Associate. Read our Bylaws to learn more. 

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Producer Member

Companies that produce primary and secondary aluminum, aluminum alloys and semi-fabricated product.

Associate Member

Companies that provide products and services to the aluminum industry or its distributors.

Our Members

The Aluminum Association represents several dozen domestic and international companies engaged in the manufacture and sale of aluminum products, as well as Associate Members that supply goods or services to the aluminum industry.

Producer Members

Our member companies engaged in the manufacture and sale of aluminum products.

Associate Members

Our members who supply goods or services to the aluminum industry.

Committee Highlights


Can Sheet Producers

Aluminum cans are the most sustainable beverage package on virtually every measure. An aluminum can made in the U.S. contains about 73 percent recycled content – 12 times as much as plastic and 3 times as much as glass. Whether it’s sparkling water, craft beer or spiked seltzers, aluminum cans have been rapidly growing in popularity as beverage companies look for sustainable, cost-effective packaging.  

The Can Sheet Producers committee works to develop, articulate and communicate policy priorities and research positioning the aluminum can as the sustainable beverage package of choice. The committee’s primary work includes technical research, policy advocacy, regulatory engagement and market promotion.

Current membership includes: Arconic, Constellium, Kaiser Aluminum, Novelis and Tri-Arrows Aluminum.


Aluminum is the preferred material for electricity transmission and distribution uses. And aluminum electrical wiring is an increasingly popular choice for residences, building, aircraft and appliances.

The Electrical committee works to promote the proper specification and use of aluminum and aluminum alloy conductors, components and metallic sheaths. The committee’s primary work includes technical research, educational publications and stakeholder engagement.

Current membership includes: AFC Cable Systems, Cerro Wire, Encore Wire Corporation, Rio Tinto and Southwire.

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