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USMCA is a Win for North American Aluminum Industry

July 1, 2020

Today, Aluminum Association President & CEO Tom Dobbins issued the following statement in response to the implementation of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA):

“USMCA’s implementation is a historic achievement, and we greatly appreciate the efforts of the U.S., Canadian and Mexican governments in ensuring this trade agreement guarantees robust, fair and rules-based trade of aluminum and aluminum products between the three countries. Furthermore, the new Rules of Origin that incentivize regional sourcing of aluminum for auto parts and vehicles will drive demand for U.S. aluminum manufacturers in the years to come. 

The integrated North American aluminum supply chain has been a crucial element of the U.S. aluminum industry’s ability to invest and grow over the past several decades. Fully 97 percent of U.S. aluminum industry jobs are in mid-and-downstream production and processing, and these jobs depend on a mix of domestic and imported primary aluminum to meet demand, including from countries like Canada. As manufacturers transition to comply with USMCA, increased trade of aluminum within North America will benefit the U.S. aluminum industry.

President Trump struck a good deal to exempt Canada from the Section 232 tariffs last year, and that deal is still working for the U.S. aluminum industry and the 690,000 American jobs it supports. The domestic aluminum industry will continue to thrive within a tariff- and quota-free North American region.

With strong commitments – like those from all three countries to monitor aluminum imports – and trade rules, the region can work together to address the fundamental issue of persistent aluminum overcapacity in China and its detrimental impact on the global aluminum market.”


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