Central Park Goes Green with the Alcoa Foundation | The Aluminum Association

Central Park Goes Green with the Alcoa Foundation

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The Central Park Conservancy recently partnered with the Alcoa Foundation and Landor Associates to update and expand the Park's trash and recycling management. The Alcoa Foundation donated more than 700 newly designed aluminum receptacles for recyclables and trash to replace the less-durable plastic bins. The new aluminum bins, made with 30 percent recycled aluminum, were designed to prevent trash overflow and to keep the rat population from accessing the interior of the receptacle. The Alcoa Foundation also awarded the Central Park Conservancy a $500,000 grant.


Central Park is visited annually by around 40 million people, and the Conservancy works extensively to reduce the amount of waste in the park. The new trash and recycling bins will be placed in high-traffic and strategic locations throughout Central Park to increase visibility and collection rates.



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