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Selected Tables from 2009 Aluminum Standards & Data

The PDF files linked below are selected tables reprinted from the 2009 edition of the Aluminum Association publication Aluminum Standards & Data. These tables are published as a courtesy to users of the Aluminum Extrusion Manual (published by the Aluminum Extruders Council)—specifically regarding Sections 7 and 8 of the Manual.

The Tables linked below pertain to Section 7 of the Aluminum Extrusion Manual—"Aluminum Extrusion Alloys":

Table 1.2

Table 3.3

Table 11.1

Table 12.1

Table 16.3

The Tables linked below pertain to Section 8 of the Aluminum Extrusion Manual—"Tolerances"—:

Tables 11.5 through 11.14

Tables 12.2 through 12.5

Tables 12.10 through 12.14

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