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<p>U.S. Aluminum Drives Modern Manufacturing with $3+ Billion Invested</p>

U.S. Aluminum Drives Modern Manufacturing with $3+ Billion Invested

Over the past decade, the aluminum industry has invested more than $3 billion in U.S. manufacturing to support growing demand for the metal. 

Expanding Markets, Strong Trade Enforcement Driving Investment

Aluminum Impact

Over the past decade, the aluminum industry has invested more than $3 billion in U.S. manufacturing to support growing demand for the metal. Aluminum is the fastest growing material used by automakers and is expected to grow to 514 pounds per vehicle by 2026 – up more than 25 percent in just 10 years. Aluminum demand is also increasing in the packaging and building markets.

Robust trade enforcement efforts by the government and industry have also driven investments in recent years. 

A Decade of Growing American Aluminum Manufacturing

The U.S. aluminum industry has invested billions of dollars to support thousands of new American manufacturing jobs over the past decade:

  • In November 2021, Hydro announced plans for a new $140 million greenfield recycling facility in Cassopolis, MI. 
  • In October 2021, Novelis announced a $130 million investment to enhance operations at its plant in Oswego, NY to meet growing customer demand for sustainable, aluminum flat rolled products.  
  • In July 2021, Novelis announced a $7 million investment at its manufacturing facility in Terre Haute, IN to restart several pieces of idled equipment that produce aluminum foil for household applications. Novelis credits successful trade enforcement in the aluminum foil market for increasing interest in domestic foil production. 

  • In October 2019, Novelis broke ground on a $36 million investment to to expand and upgrade recycling capacity at its Greensboro, GA facility.  
  • In February 2019, Arconic announced a $100 million investment to expand manufacturing capabilities for industrial and automotive aluminum products in its Tennessee Operations facility near Knoxville, TN. The investment will increase production of common alloy aluminum sheet, which was the subject of a successful targeted association-driven trade enforcement effort

  • In September 2015, Alcoa (now Arconic) completed a $300 million expansion of its facility in Alcoa, TN. 
  • In April 2015, Constellium completed a $40 million expansion of its automotive structures plant in Van Buren, MI. The expansion more than doubled manufacturing capacity at the facility. 

  • In January 2014, Alcoa (now Arconic) completed a $300 million expansion of its Davenport, IA facility. In November of 2014, the company announced an additional $190 million investmentat the same facility to expand its product offerings in the aerospace and industrial markets.   

  • In the fall and winter of 2013, Novelis announced a $320 million investment to expand its plant in Oswego, NY. 

U.S. Aluminum's Economic Impact

The U.S. aluminum industry is a key element of the nation's manufacturing base. Strong, lightweight and recyclable, aluminum is a material uniquely suited to meet the needs and challenges of the 21st century. From increasing vehicle fuel efficiency to green building products to sustainable packaging, aluminum is well positioned in the U.S. and global markets.

For nearly a decade, the Aluminum Association has worked with research firm John Dunham & Associates to produce economic impact impact studies that capture U.S. aluminum jobs, wages, output and other information on an ongoing basis. 

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