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Steel Grip Inc.

Danville, Illinois
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Steel Grip Inc. manufactures Personal Protective Clothing also known as Personal Protective Equipment [PPE].  The company is headquartered in Danville, Illinois and conducts business throughout the World.  We offer over 3,000 safety products essential for head, body, hand, leg and foot protection.  Steel Grip offers Primary and Secondary types of protective apparel for both ferrous and non ferrous metal industries. These garments protect workers exposed to radiant heat, molten metal, sparks as well a variety of conditions dealing with extreme thermal temperatures.  We offer our proven experience and assistance to develop customized apparel designed specifically to outfit your operational needs.

Our specialty garments includes Electrical Arc Flash for Hazardous Risk Categories 0 through 4, Gas and Flash Fire Extraction Suits, and Sealed Seam Breathable Chemical Resistant FR Apparel.

Steel Grip is constantly looking to improve and upgrade any and all apparel products directed to the aluminum industry. We stay in close communication with all domestic and international providers of material essential to the creation of personal protective equipment. Our commitment to the aluminum industry is to provide the latest in improvements and material creations dedicated to enhance protective values necessary to each and every workers well being.

As well, to share these improvements throughout the industry as they develop by means of scheduled workshops, conferences, and online communication. Our most valuable vehicle for sharing new and improved industry practices is by our internet communication site. Please visit us at


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