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Secat, Inc.

Lexington , Kentucky

Secat is a metallurgical research laboratory specializing in aluminum product and process technologies with ISO 17025:2017 certification. Secat has technical and marketing capabilities to serve various aluminum product sectors including: automotive, marine, aerospace, packaging, building & construction, electrical, and recycling.

Sector3 Appraisals, Inc.

Providence , Rhode Island

Sector3’s services are largely for companies, lending institutions, investment banks, hedge funds, and private equity that require inventory and M&E appraisals for financing and/or mergers and acquisitions.  Sector3 concentrates in the metals industries, producing appraisals supported by in-depth quantitative and qualitative analyses that leverage the practical industry experience of our appraisers as well as the deep and broad knowledge of the sector that comes with years of specialization and having worked with large segments of the industry, including aluminum.

Shapiro Metals

St. Louis , Missouri

Shapiro Metals creates customized recycling programs for manufacturers and provides material solutions for consumers around the world. We use cutting-edge technology to provide the industry’s best accuracy, traceability, and visibility.

SMS Technical Services LLC

Cranberry Township , Pennsylvania

The result of a merger between SMS Millcraft and SMS Meer’s USA operations, SMS Technical Services, headquartered in Cranberry Township, PA, is a world leader in outsourced maintenance services for the steel and non-ferrous metals industry.